The Stationmaster’s Cottage: Mystery. Love. Suspense. River’s End Book 1.

Written by Phillipa Nefri Clark

A gripping story of family secrets as the heartbreaking consequences of one woman’s manipulation spill across three generations.

1967. Thunder booms as the ocean threatens to drown the jetty where Martha Ryan stands defiant, heart-broken from what she saw through a window a few moments earlier. Her fiancĂ© begs her to listen, to trust him but a wave drags her into the sea…

2017. Christie Ryan inherits a dilapidated cottage in a seaside town she’s never heard of. The brief visit for her grandmother’s funeral extends when she discovers unopened, fifty-year-old love letters from a young man she suspects painted a damaged seascape left behind in the cottage.

Determined to solve the mystery behind the letters, Christie seeks help from reclusive artist Martin Blake, but he has reasons to protect the past. As Christie falls in love with the cottage and the town, her own relationship falls apart and she goes home to mend it.

But River’s End and its mystery call her back, as does Martin, in spite of their differences. As the secrets unravel, and time runs out to repair the past, will the happiness Christie longs for finally be hers, or will the Ryan family heartache be her future?

Totally engaging, not over sugary with the romance and the mystery of the truth behind the family secrets was better handled than some mystery novels. Award winning read. Chill with a Book Awards.



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