The Snow Beast of Finnian Forest (A Griffin Ghostley Adventure Book 3)

Written by Thomas J. Prestopnik

A Griffin Ghostley Adventure – Book #3
For readers ages 10 – 13

Griffin Ghostley is on a quest to the Danger Zone to find Princess Penelope’s lost diamond ring, but something stands between him and success. And that one thing is a large, angry, furry white snow beast hot on his trail. Oh, and a four-armed giant and a flock of spying crows, too. Plus, a whole lot of other complications that pop up in and around the whispering pine trees of Finnian Forest. But eleven-year-old Griffin isn’t alone, joined on his journey by a hot-fudge-sundae-craving panda bear who wears a Santa Claus hat. Can Griffin and his friend reach the Danger Zone and find the lost ring? Or will the danger swirling all around stop them cold in their tracks?

The Griffin Ghostley Adventure Series:
#1 Search for the Silver Swamp Monster
#2 Prisoner of the Giant Boona Bird
#3 The Snow Beast of Finnian Forest



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