The Sheikh’s Bargain Bride (Desert Kings Book 2)

Written by Diana Fraser
Category: · Romance

Anna Whitman has yearned for freedom and independence her whole life but she’s forced to accept a marriage of convenience so she can live with her son.

Sheikh Zahir Al-Zaman is a ruthless desert warrior who believes the only way he can control his obsession with Anna is to possess her. And he’ll do almost anything—even kidnap her son—to have her.

But Zahir will not force her into his bed. He has his strategies for seduction—strategies Anna finds increasingly hard to resist. But she won’t have a relationship based on lies. And how can she reveal her secrets when they will shatter the beliefs he holds most dear?

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“Zahir is definitely all alpha male and will have your heart beating a little faster… I like a character with depth, and Zahir fits this description perfectly.” (

“…a really terrific and deeply satisfying read!” (

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