The Secret Recipes: Classic Southern Cooking

Written by Jacqueline Ballard

The Secret Recipes: Classic Southern Cooking

The Secret Recipes: Classic Southern Cooking is traditional southern cooking that emphasizes eating seasonal, protein-packed, main dishes and unprocessed and healthy sides. With recipes that were refined over many generations, these are treasured classics unlike any other southern recipes. The Secret Recipes provide you with step-by-step instructions that will have you cooking with a drawl by dinnertime.

Feeding a family doesnít have to be difficult or involve hours in a kitchen preparing meals with hard-to-find ingredients. Today, families want to come home to supper that tastes great without all the fuss, and this cookbook provides you with recipes for the family meals that every home cook, especially new cooks, will appreciate.

Authentic recipes that result in fantastic dinners will help you build your confidence in the kitchen as you add new and wonderful meals to your family menu. It all starts with food that tastes good and is simple to make. The secrets of the southern pantry are centered on using ingredients that making cooking faster and easier, relying on the time-tested method for getting great food to the table quickly.

Filled with fast, cheap and simple recipes for chicken, beef, soups, salads and desserts, these dishes are the building blocks for delicious family meals. You wonít find any fancy ingredients or time-consuming preparation in these meals because the ladies who handed these recipes down knew the value of making the most out of the fewest and best ingredients. This collection offers some of the most closely guarded recipes in Texas for the first time, and the dishes that I’ve included here are yours to make and to share in your own family tradition.

Loaded with fabulous recipes, youíll find some that youíve never seen before as well some new twists on some old traditions as well. Included in The Secret Recipes are also wonderful dishes for easy entertaining that lend themselves to creating your own elegant dinner traditions. This cookbook will have you cooking like a pro with fuss-free and quintessentially southern meals.

You want to make mouthwatering dishes your family will love! The Secret Recipes guides you step-by-step through creating meals that bring them to the table. Try your hand at dishes like these:

ï Chicken and Dumplings
ï Fuss-free King Ranch Chicken
ï Blackened Fish Filet
ï Down South Homemade Chili
ï Chicken Popovers
ï Marinated Shrimp
ï Day & Night Longneck Squash Soup
ï Unparalleled Pecan Pralines
ï The Original Angel Biscuits
ï ìNo Touch-em Beansî
ï Cardamon Christmas Bread
ï Crazy Good Cinnamon Toast
ï Sand Tarts
ï Buttermilk Pie
ï Nannyí Lime Congeal Salad

With 50 recipes handed down from one generation to the next, these are the best of the best that Texas has to offer!



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