Written by D.W. Ulsterman
Category: · Romance


“A top-notch mystery with plenty of sex and intrigue and a downright sick and twisted bad-guy politician.” -MobleyReviews

Colin O’Shea is a young, talented newcomer to the Washington D.C. corridors of power. Soon after his arrival in the nation’s capital, he finds himself fighting to protect a beautiful young woman endangered by the jealous rage of an emotionally corrupt and dangerous congressman intent on becoming President of the United States. It is a fast-paced, tense and taut sexy political thriller crafted by bestselling author, D.W. Ulsterman.

The Second Oldest Profession is the first installment of the popular Bennington P.I. detective series.

Readers love The Second Oldest Profession and the entire Frank Bennington series!

  • “A fast read that was among my favorite thrillers this year.”
  • “Loved the romance between the two young protagonists. This is a great mystery series.”
  • “Don’t normally read political thrillers but this was a good one because of the hot romance scenes!”
  • “As far as political thrillers go, this one had some good action and scored high on the sexy scale. The congressman was a real a-hole!”
  • “I’ve read all the Bennington PI books and they are my favorite political thrillers of all time. He’s a great character and I hope the author keeps giving us more in the series.”

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“One of the better fiction series to come around in a while.”

“Murder, mystery and suspense all in one quick read package! These books are super fun thrillers.”

“This story was hot! It was like 50 Shades of Grey made a baby with C-SPAN! If you enjoy sexy political thrillers you have to check this one out!”

“I read a lot of books and this was a good one. I didn’t even mind the romance because it also has plenty of action. One of the best in the political thriller genre.”

“Frank Bennington is a real man! Love the fact he’s an older guy who kind of bumbles his way to getting things done. I’ve added this series to my must read list.”

“Love Bennington P.I. and every one of these stories he’s in. Keep ’em coming!”

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