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Written by Efrat Petel

Hi, I’m Efrat. I graduated at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Real Food Chef and Health Coach. As I am also a mother, an entrepreneur, a software engineer and a swimmer I don’t want to limit myself to a specific box when defining who I am.
Since I’m not a simple person to define, and since for years I’ve been advising almost everybody I know (and along the way, everybody they know, too) about how to succeed in making nutritional changes that stick, I felt a need to develop an innovative method of adapting dietary habits for each and every one of us.
I know this sounds like an ambitious claim, but it’s simple and real.
This isn’t just another trend based on simple definitions – vegan, vegetarian, organic, or gluten-free, but rather a new system that will return us all to the “baseline” – true cooking centered on our lifestyles and matched to suit our needs for the long haul.
After I finished my training in an Integrative Nutritional Institute in New York, I decided to establish “DAILY “– a place for real food.
DAILY is based on the idea that change starts by developing daily habits, along with supportive tools and knowledge for daily food preparation at just the right nutritional level for each person’s unique lifestyle.
How can you begin? By learning how to match your family with your own DAILY.
If you’re ready to start creating change, and to find success at last, I invite you for a free initial consultation. It’s your chance to share, get advice, and to start to find you’re DAILY.



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