The R.E.M. Effect: A Science Fiction Thriller (The Ocula Series, Book 1)

Written by J.M. Lanham

Some pills lead to sweet dreams. Others lead to nightmares.

From J.M. Lanham comes a heart-pumping thrill ride that puts a science-fiction twist on the future of medicine, technology, and philosophy.

It’s 2021 and Paul Freeman just landed a job with Asteria Pharmaceuticals, a world leader in revolutionary drug development. Paul knows the company’s future is riding on the success of their latest product – a sleeping pill designed to interact with the human genome to deliver the perfect eight-hour sleep cycle.

Just a few blocks from Asteria’s Atlanta headquarters, troubled self-help guru Donny Ford is selling a different kind of drug, empowering followers to take control of their lives using a sacred meditation technique skeptics believe may have already taken his mind to a dangerous place.

3,000 miles away, war-hardened journalist Claire Connor sits captive in a top-secret facility hidden deep in the Costa Rican jungle, guilty of two offenses: seeking help for a sleep disorder, and asking too many questions.

When these worlds collide, the three will discover just how far some companies are willing to go to protect the bottom line.


The debut novel by J.M. Lanham, The R.E.M. Effect is a new addition to the science-fiction thriller tradition of Michael Crichton, Philip K. Dick, and Blake Crouch.

Dive into a psychological sci-fi thriller that explores Big Pharma corruption, clandestine government experiments, and the mysteries of the human brain to create a world where taking a pill could mean taking lives.

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