The Plug Next Door

Written by Sol

Can you imagine what it would be like to live next door to The Plug?

God, his name says it all. He’s rich, handsome, powerful and has a heart of gold. But don’t let his kindness fool you. He’s the street king of New York and rules The Empire State with no holds barred. His reign, both lengthy and fierce, is one to reckon with and everyone knows it. With the type of power and respect he has, there’s nothing or no one challenging enough to knock him off his game nor his throne. That is until he meets the likes of the gorgeous Dr. Vaughn. Both witty, and domineering, she whisked her way into his life unexpectedly and proved to be his biggest challenge yet. He wants her and will stop at nothing to get her, but there’s one problem. He has a family, and his Queen isn’t ready to relinquish her crown just yet.

Reese, aka Dr. Vaughn, both beautiful and brainy, has a booming medical career that affords her a luxurious lifestyle. The Doc has just about everything going for herself except for one thing. She doesn’t have a man to call her own…not that she’s looking. After having her heart broken on numerous occasions, she vowed to never love again. But then she crossed paths with her next door neighbor, and he changes her life forever

In this gripping tale of street love, drugs, lies and murder; many will not make it out alive. Some will find love in a hopeless place while others get caught in the crossfire. What happens when Reese finds out the man she’s in love with is married to someone else? With his heart dead set on Reese being in his life, and his back thrown against the wall, will God be able to redeem himself with the woman he desires most? Will all hearts break even, or does love forsake them once and for all? Dive into the life of a woman who deserves more, and find out what it’s like to date the plug next door.



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