The Miss Fortune Series: Bayou Backup (Kindle Worlds Short Story) (Friends of Miss Fortune Book 1)

Written by Mary Hiker
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Road trips can be murder…

Madison and her retired search and rescue dog, Shiner, have been assigned an important mission: Deliver an RV and an over-enthusiastic cousin to Madison’s granny in Texas.

The road trip through the small towns of America quickly turns into chaos when the rig breaks down on the outskirts of Sinful, Louisiana – on a Sunday.

Fortune, Gertie and Ida Belle join forces with the road-trippers to battle Celia, gators and an unknown enemy…and to help keep Madison’s cousin, Jayne, from getting the whole group thrown in jail.

‘Bayou Backup’ is part of the Kindle Worlds program. A big thanks goes out to Jana DeLeon for creating the Miss Fortune series and allowing us all to write in her world.



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