The Masked Bride (Boundless Billionaires Book 4)

Written by Liberty Blake
Category: · Romance

Paige Chandler has one more job to do for her employer before she becomes unemployed. Gone are her pedestrian work clothes in favor of flashy dresses and thigh high boots. She is no longer a nanny, but a double for Breezy, the Queen of Rock.

Brent Carmichael is an award winning journalist and heir apparent to his uncle the Tabloid King. He is drawn to the beauty walking through the airport long before he realizes who she is. A recent scandal is still fresh on everyone’s lips, and he knows there is a story there. The reporter in him urges him to pursue it. The man in him wants to pursue the woman.

Hidden identities and palpable passions run wild in the Big Easy. Should he show her his hand, or will he lay down a bet on The Masked Bride?



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