The Locked Room Murder: A Witch Cozy Mystery (A Bluebell Knopps Witch Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Written by Nancy McGovern

Life has always been fairly placid for Bluebell Knopps and she’s liked it that way.

She has a job working at her mother’s salon in the small town of Lledrith.  She has a fiance with whom she’s in love.  And, after years of trial and error, she has finally found a dye that effectively masks her naturally neon-blue hair, allowing her to blend in for the first time in her life!

But things are about to go bad…fast!

When her fiance is found murdered and Bluebell wakes up in the middle of a field with no memory of the night before, even she has to wonder if she could be to blame.  After all, he had just broken her heart, effectively turning her perfect life upside down.

But could Bluebell have done it?

The fact is, with the body being found alone in a locked room, no one seems to have a clue as to what happened.  It’s almost as if it were…MAGIC!

And speaking of magic…

The Locked Room Murder is the first Bluebell Knopps Mystery, a witch-based cozy mystery, written by Nancy McGovern.  Nancy McGovern is also the author of “A Murder In Milburn”, a culinary cozy mystery series containing delicious mysteries and even tastier recipes!



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