The Last Tsar: Emperor Michael II

Written by Donald Crawford


Across the world, among those who have any knowledge of the subject, the overwhelming answer to that would be — Nicholas II.

Yet it is the wrong answer. The real last Tsar of Russia, as this book will demonstrate beyond doubt, was his younger brother Michael.

But correcting an historical fact is not the primary purpose here. Although the Soviet Union airbrushed him from history, Michael remains an important figure, as growing numbers of Russians have come to agree. For he is the best means of closing that gap which exists between the end of the Tsarist Russia and the emergence of the Soviet Union. He is also not only a bridge to the past, but a bridge to the future, if Russia — as it must — is to come to terms with its own history.

Put simply, to know about Michael is to know what might have been, and thus to know what might yet be. For in rediscovering its last Tsar, Russia might also rediscover something of itself.

About the Author

Donald Crawford was co-author with his wife Rosemary of Michael & Natasha, the life and love of the last Tsar, published worldwide in five languages and 11 editions. A publisher, barrister, and former London journalist.



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