The Jump Journal: A New Adult Sci-Fi Thriller

Written by Douglas Corriveau
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Time travel is a drug.

It’s taken four hundred years, but Ryan Mitchell finally understands that his power over the time stream is actually his addiction. His craving to time travel is what locked the year 2012 into its unending loop in the first place, but after centuries of torture, he’s desperate for it to end.

But withdrawal has sunk its cruel claws into him, and it’s not letting go. Ryan must fight to escape the cycle. To do that, he’ll have to show the world the real Ryan Mitchell: Student. Thief. Hero. Hermit. Heartbreaker.Time travel addict.

“The Jump Journal” is an intense, sci-fi story that follows a college freshman through romance, adventure, addiction, and most of all, time-travel. Young adults and new adults will love Ryan’s snarky narration and humor. You won’t be able to put it down!



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