The Journey From Poor Procrastinator to Invested Millennial

Written by Jeremy Kho
Category: · Business & Money

Are you delaying the decisions that would garner you positive prospects for financial security?

Are you looking for strategies to organize your finances and ways to make more money?

Are you willing to change your attitude towards investment to become an invested millennial?


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that almost all of us have a special kind of relationship with a common entity: procrastination. All of us have, at some point in our lives, put off something we should have done right then and there- whether it was doing the dishes, or completing an assignment for school, or getting a birthday gift for a parent. But as you grow up and different kinds of responsibilities begin to hoard upon you, you are introduced to a new type of procrastination you didn’t even know existed: financial procrastination.

Do any of these traits sound familiar?

  • You incur fees for paying your bills and taxes late.

  • You have little or no savings or investments.

  • You postpone grocery shopping and spend more on restaurants.
  • You buy last-minute gifts without checking prices.

If so, you might be a poor procrastinator. Procrastination often leads to reactive responses, causing you to miss out on financial opportunities.


Millennials want to live a very fast life and there is no problem with that, but there are things that take time and need patience. Finance is one of them and becoming financially stable without being persistent doesn’t seem likely. This book has little daily hacks that you can think of before falling into temptation of buying in a liability.

You need to have initiative and be prepared to take these steps to become proactive with your finances:

  • Plan ahead and set short-term financial goals by budgeting

  • Create emergency savings
  • Find a high return on investments
  • Manage cash flow by creating multiple sources of income

What it takes to be an invested millennial…

How an invested millennial is different from an average millennial, what makes them different and their traits have been shown. These traits will be explained in the book.


This book will focus on changing the way you go about with your life and bringing in the transformation in you that you need to achieve your goals. It tells you the problems you might have in your life, the type of procrastinator you are and the solution to avoid procrastination. This step-by-step guide from a procrastinator to an invested millennial, might just prove out to be your path to success.

This book is for anyone continues to delay making the moves that would garner them positive prospects for financial security. This book is for anyone looking to organize finances and make more money, with numerous strategies for altering your attitude towards investment, which is where the book is particularly effective. This book is for anyone willing to take small steps and change their attitude towards investment to become an invested millennial.

In a world that drives everyone backwards, become the driving force yourself! All it takes, is a little bit of a change. Investing in your future is the most important goal you can have. Begin to invest in yourself by downloading this guide and begin Your Journey from Poor Procrastinator to Invested Millennial.

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