The Green Girl

Written by Angie Morel
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Dr. Alice Roberts has order in her life, just the way she likes it—until she reads a story written in the journal of a fifteen-year-old patient under her care. That story, titled Green Girl, shakes apart everything she thought she understood in her tidy, logical world. Still doubting the incredible tale, Alice sets out to validate some things revealed in a second story started in the journal, one about a murdered prostitute.

Being a schizophrenic teenager isn’t easy. Vonnie Blackwell can certainly attest to that. But she feels she’s finally found a place—and a doctor—that understands her condition. In fact, open journal therapy, suggested by Dr. Roberts, has given her a way to release some of the darkness inside. Vonnie found it cleansing to write out the horrific stories told to her by the voices in her head. Besides, it’s not like the stories were real…

Both Alice and Vonnie are about to discover how real things can get. Too late Alice realizes how easy it is to make wrong assumptions after reading only half of a story, because you never know who you can trust…and endings can be full of nasty surprises.



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