The Great Betrayal (The Lost Prophecy Book 8)

Written by D.K. Holmberg

The final battle approaches. Preparations must be made. None will be ready for what is to come.

Only a few of the Magi understand the truth of what comes and that they must fight, but will those few be enough? Roelle heads north, intending to face the groeliin, and finds herself drawn toward another task. Isandra must somehow help the groeliin, but can she help all of them? If not, they’ll be used in Raime’s plan, yet if she can save them, the tide of war might finally shift in their favor.

Jakob decides that to defeat Raime he must understand him. This requires that he once more walk along the fibers in what might be the most difficult test of his ability, one that shows him not only Raime, but also a part of his past he never imagined. As he does, he learns of a secret Raime has hidden that might be the key to finally stopping him. If he fails, Raime will succeed, and an ancient betrayal will be the reason.

The final novel in The Lost Prophecy series.



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