The Fairies of Waterfall Island: The Search for the Missing Crystal

Written by Emma Sumner

100% of all proceeds during the first 3 months will go to Autism Speaks

Waterfall Island is losing it’s magic!
Four very special fairies and try to help. They find two humans to come along with them to help them discover what has happened to the missing crystal. They must travel across the land to meet the Fairy King and Queen. In order to make things right in the kingdom they must first face the Evil Fairy.

Will the story end as another happily-ever-after, or will it end in disaster?
You will have to read to find out!

Written by 8-year-old Emma Sumner, who is one of the youngest authors to write a fairytale book. She loves the Rainbow Magic books by Daisey Meadows and The Never Girls Collection by Disney and cannot wait to see her own book on the bookshelf next to them



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