The Empire of the Dead (The Godsblood Trilogy Book 1)

Written by Phil Tucker
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

She killed the gods and most of their children. She should have finished the job.

Acharsis is a shadow of the demigod he used to be. His charm has been sanded down, his smile broken, but still in the depths of his eyes glimmers an irrepressible desire for life. For adventure. For revenge.

When he drifts back into the life of an old flame, he’s quickly caught up in events beyond his control and comprehension. Enlisting the help of a former rival and summoning the few and scattered resources left to him, he dares to dream of the impossible: to topple and destroy Irella, daughter of the Goddess of Death, killer of gods, ruler of the undead and architect of his downfall.

It’s time for some holy vengeance.



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