The Easy Millionaire: Everything You Should Have Learned About Money But Didn’t

Written by Christopher Webb
Category: · Business & Money

Frustrated with how poorly the U.S. educational system prepares us for dealing with money and finance, the author has brought us a comprehensive guide to money, finance, and investing that covers everything from the most basic topics of demand deposit accounts to advanced investment tools like derivatives and peer to peer lending.

Designed to take readers through the world of money and teaching ideas and concepts that are generally only afforded to the rich and powerful, this book aims to allow anyone an opportunity to learn enough about money and finance to be able to read and understand most of today’s money news, how to invest for retirement and other large life milestones, as well as how to build a strategy to retire a millionaire.

Everyone in the United States deserves the information contained in this book to help them build a large and financially stable portfolio to cover the eventual needs that life brings.



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