The Deadlock Trilogy Box Set

Written by P.T. Hylton

Experience the mind-bending trilogy about small towns and supernatural secrets.
Readers are calling the Deadlock Trilogy “fresh,” “eerie,” and “satisfying.” This omnibus edition includes all three books, over 750 pages of riveting suspense. Save over 40% when you buy the box set.

Frank Hinkle thinks life will be safer in his hometown. Frank is very wrong.

Things have changed in Rook Mountain, Tennessee, since Frank went away. His brother Jake has been missing for seven years, a fact no one bothered to share with Frank. His fun-loving buddy Will is now a somber man known for his violent enforcement of the town’s bizarre new laws. Frank’s sister-in-law Christine has a freezer chest containing a collection of illegal objects and a severed head.

As Frank will soon learn, the only thing worse than being in Rook Mountain is being outside of it.

Outside town is where the Unfeathered sing their terrible song and wait for night to fall.

When Frank meets a stranger with shocking information, he’s forced to face a familiar enemy.

A woman named Sophie Porter travels to Rook Mountain in search of her sister’s killer. What she finds there will draw her into the fight against Zed.

Jake Hinkle only wanted to save his family, but now he’s trapped in a strange place where it’s only safe to go out at night. A book with the symbol of a broken world on the cover is his only chance at survival.

Zed waits in a forest of tall twisted trees planning his endgame against an enemy even he fears. The battleground will be A PLACE WITHOUT SHADOWS.

Frank and his friends must stop Zed from achieving his ultimate goal: saving the world.

In King’s Crossing, Wisconsin, there is a nine-year-old girl who can pull on time. Residents of the town know odd details about the future, and there’s a twisting tree growing in a park near the center of town.

It’s here Zed has chosen to enact the final phase of his plan to defeat the ancient beings who pursue him. And it’s here that Frank, Sophie, and Mason will make their stand against both Zed and his enemies. The final chapter of the Deadlock Trilogy is upon us.

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