The Chronicles of Dragon: Finale (Book 10 of 10)

Written by Craig Halloran

Time has run out …

The Truce has crumbled and Nath Dragon must face his most fatal foe, Gorn Grattack.

Can he do it alone? Is the High Priestess Selene now a friend, ally, or a bitter enemy? Nath only has moments to figure that out before the final claws close in.

Where are the rest of the hero’s? Brenwar, Bayzog and Ben, accompanied by the roamers, Shum and Hoven, along with Sasha, Rerry and Samaz, must stick together. Fighting for their lives and battling monsters to the death, can they emerge through the darkness in time to aid Nath Dragon?

Does Gorlee the Changeling have a final part in all of this that can save or doom them all?

Alone, against the most merciless monster in all of Nalzambor, Nath Dragon stands tall. But will it be enough?



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