The Celts: The Enigmatic Peoples of Iron Age Europe

Written by Duncan Ryan
Category: · History

In the period of European history before Rome spread its influence over the entire continent and made itself master of the known world, a group of tribal societies with a unifying culture and language family dominated most of Europe and all of the British Isles. These people were the Celts, a series of tribes that spanned from the Balkans to Iberia and into even the northernmost reaches of Britain. For centuries before the Roman conquests, these tribes defined the history of Europe, and their legacy has affected all of European history ever since.

The Celts: The Enigmatic Peoples of Iron Age Europe is an exploration of Celtic history in the many regions of Europe that these fascinating peoples occupied. It is a historical work intended specifically for those without a specialized knowledge of ancient European history, and will serve as a thorough introduction to the wonders of ancient Celtic history. In this short history, you will learn about:

-Celtic history in many different parts of Europe
-The origins and spread of the Celtic culture and languages
-The affect of the Roman conquests on Celtic culture
-Celtic art, life, society and military traditions
-The perceptions of the Celts in both classical and modern eras
-And many other aspects of Celtic history and culture

Portrayed by the Romans as primitive barbarians, research into the Celtic tribes of Europe over the past several centuries has allowed a different picture of these remarkable peoples to emerge. The Celts, at long last, may finally be seen for the complex and advanced societies that they were.

If you are interested in European history, Roman history or ancient history in general, this short history will guide you through the basic aspects of Celtic life, history and culture, as well as serve as a framework for future learning about these ancient tribes of Europe. For those who do wish to delve more deeply into the history of the Celts, a complete bibliography of the best ancient and modern sources is also provided.



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