The Canned Soup Cookbook: 50 Easy & Delicious Dinner Recipes using Canned Soup (Recipe Top 50’s Book 116)

Written by Julie Hatfield

Canned soup recipes are easy recipes that create delicious dishes using the flavors of ready-made condensed soups. This cuts out the need for a lot of extra ingredients and time. Which makes these recipes popular among people that rather not spend a lot of time cooking.

In this cookbook you’ll find many classic recipes that are simplified and using canned soup. Some of which it might seem very natural to use canned soup. Recipes such as beef stroganoff and lemon chicken scaloppini. However you may also find several unexpected recipes, ranging from short ribs and loaded baked potatoes to Mexican lasagna, each made easier and more delicious by the addition of canned soup. The only thing you won’t find in this book is actual soup recipes, because the purpose of this cookbook is to make something other than soup with canned soup.

This unique and diverse collection showcases the versatility of canned soup. The vast numbers of soup flavors exhibited throughout these recipes speak to the limitless options that exist within this feature. The best of these recipes are listed in this cookbook.

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