The Brothers Locke: An Urban Fantasy Adventure (Part 1)

Written by KC Hunter

Sometimes the Bad Boys are the Good Guys

Mouth, Echo and Sharp Locke are identical teenage triplets who live in the magical world known as The Dea. They also fashion themselves as Master Thieves. After getting a job to steal a mysterious item from one of the richest men in The Dea, they realize what they’ve actually stolen is an ancient relic that many mercenaries, governments, air pirates, and monsters greatly desire.

This eight episode short fantasy fiction series follows the brothers as they run from danger, encounter all sorts of colorful characters and visit some of the most spectacular and sometimes dangerous places in their world. The secrets they unlock will have great impact on a future that is uncertain.

From Readers

“This book reminded me of why I love reading: I get to experience things I never could in real life.
I imagine this book being like a mix of the movies Treasure Planet and Aladdin, if that makes sense. Great movies. Though the imagery in a book can never live up to those movies without slowing the pace to a grinding halt, he gave just enough to remind me of those worlds.”
– GoodReads Review

“An action packed, well-paced journey into a new world. While it stands on its own (and could easily be a continuing series) I am eagerly anticipating what comes next in its companion series, Dorian Delmontez.” – Amazon Review

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