The Book of Dog

Written by Lark Benobi

THE BOOK OF DOG is the epic, true story of how a panther, a dog, a bear, a goat, a California condor, and a lonely pregnant girl save the world from the Apocalypse.

It’s the Night of the Yellow Puff-Ball Mushroom Cloud and Mary Mbwembwe is making a cup of chamomile tea. Josefina Guzman is chasing a fox from her yard. Margie Peach is pumping gas into her car. Wanda Lubiejewski is plunging a stopped toilet. Stella King is looking for her aunt’s kitchen shears. And Major Eureka Yamanaka is hefting a briefcase into Marine Helicopter Squadron One.

None of them know it yet but a mysterious yellow gas is coming their way, blanketing the world with deadly poison and sowing chaos in its path. Soon the Beast will rise. And these six women will be the only ones standing in his way.

THE BOOK OF DOG is a deadly non-serious romp that is not guaranteed to elevate your thinking in any way about politics, religion, racism, foreign affairs, domestic affairs, freedom of speech, or the power of the individual to change the world–

But it might just make you ready for what tomorrow brings.

Author LARK BENOBI lives near Nethalem, California. 



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