The Blouse and Skirt Handbook: Book 2 of the Stylish Upgrades Series find the hidden JOY in your wardrobe (Stylish Upgrade Series)

Written by Suze Solari
Category: · Arts & Photography

Be Fashion and Budget Conscious?

Looking to make the most of your wardrobe while implementing minimalist approach to your closet?

Or maybe you have a closet full of clothes but feel like you don’t know how to put items together to be stylish and chic.

This book is the perfect guide to explain why certain items go together and to show you visually, how to put together outfits from your existing wardrobe that align with your personal style and esthetic.

After reading Suze’s first book on Jeans a reviewer challenged her to write another book, but on the subject of the blouse & skirt.  The positive impact of the first book on this reader and thousands of others inspired this second book from personal stylist & fashion writer Suze Solari. 

A follow-up to The T-Shirt & Jeans Handbook, (45 five-star reviews). The Blouse & Skirt Handbook is a practical guide to wearing blouses and skirts for daytime and special events in comfort & style. 

Want to learn the secret to being effortlessly chic & fabulous?  This book has a step by step process to finding the right blouses & skirts that flatter your body, and how to put them together in chic, polished looks.

If you have a ton of skirts in your closet and feel stumped as to how to wear them, this book is for you.  I believe that the way we dress and present ourselves affects the way we feel about ourselves and contributes to the results we get.  When I show up for coffee in sequins and platform mules, my friends ask ‘why are you so dressed up’? I say, I am wearing my favorite outfit just for them .. and for myself, for everyone, every day! Why save the good stuff?  



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