The Beast & the Beauty: A Bad Boy Romance Inspired by the Classic Fairy Tale

Written by Nikki Steele

If prison is a jungle, then I’m the King.

When a prison visit goes sideways, I move fast.
I rescue a petite, brunette beauty from the gangs.

Bella is innocent. But my thoughts aren’t.
She makes my body burn with lust.

A sweet girl like her shouldn’t be here, not with men like me.
I’m more beast than human. The filthy things I want should frighten her.

To wrap her dark hair around my fist and f*ck her hard.
To make her mine. To have her scream my name in pleasure.

But those eyes, there’s something there…
She’s dangerous. Because she makes me want to be human.
And in prison, abandoning the beast will get me killed.

This is a standalone romance with a happy ending.

It is a gritty, sexy, steamy retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It contains sizzling action so hot it will have you running to your nearest prison and begging to be locked inside.



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