The Accidental Criminal (Darby Stansfield Thriller Book 1)

Written by John Charles
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Selling a phone to a serial killer isn’t wrong. It’s business.

*Previously titled Chop Suey*
Desperate to resurrect his career at Teleco Wireless, Darby Stansfield conjures up a scheme filled with the promise of endless, high-spending clients. It’s brilliant, it’s international, and it has Darby on a plane to Hong Kong where he signs his latest client, a Chinese gang.

Meanwhile, bodies are piling up in San Francisco and Darby has no idea that his brilliant plan has just put him on collision course with the killer. Darby must now make a tough decision—give up on the one good idea he ever had or risk it all.

Tarantino meets The Office describes this page-turner. It’s non-stop action, mystery, and intrigue mixed into one book.



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