Thanksgiving Dinner: from Super Easy to Grandma’s Traditional Dinner

Written by Theresa Lepiane

Thanksgiving is a holiday that centers on being thankful, but the celebration, for most families, means a traditional dinner, with turkey, stuffing and all the fixins. If Thanksgiving is at your house this year, don’t fret. This book will give you everything you need from shopping, to making homemade casseroles as well as stuffing/dressing, vegetables and dessert. No plan is complete without a timetable of what to do when. For each part of the dinner there will be a choice of the traditional homemade version or the easy to do version. You may want to pick and choose, doing a traditional bird and easy casseroles or a easy turkey with fancier desserts. Each step along the way, you will be able to choose to make this Thanksgiving your own tradition, but you will have help every step of the way. Included is a timeline countdown to Thanksgiving, things you have to do when, recipes for the day, and even recipes for leftovers. I know you don’t have a lot of time to read, so this book gets right to the point.
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