Tempest (Valos of Sonhadra Book 2)

Written by Poppy Rhys
Category: · Romance · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

They can’t break me.

I wasn’t prepared for what came after I got arrested and sent to prison. Finding my sister in that hellhole should’ve been easy.

I wasn’t prepared to survive an alien planet straight out of a prehistoric nightmare. Facing my fears to withstand the creatures that wanted to eat me, and the four alien men that watched me like a morsel they wanted to sink their teeth into…

I wasn’t prepared for any of it.

But I sure as hell wouldn’t let it break me.

This story contains a reverse harem (m/m/f/m/m) of fish-man, element-wielding, alien heroes, mature content, violence, and probably too much language! Tempest is best enjoyed after reading Alluvial (Valos of Sonhadra #1)

The Valos of Sonhadra series is the shared vision of nine sci-fi and fantasy romance authors. Each book is a standalone,containing its own Happy Ever After, and can be read in any order.



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