Tempest Squadron (Yeoman Series Book 7)

Written by Robert Jackson

November, 1944.

As the Germans pursue their last great offensive in the Ardennes in an effort to drive a wedge between the British and American land forces and to capture the vital port of Antwerp, the once all-powerful Luftwaffe are being systematically swept from the skies by the RAF and USAAF.

Based at Eindhoven, Wing Commander George Yeoman, DSO, DFC, DFM, is unknowingly pitting the hard-won skills of his squadron of Hawker Tempests — the RAF’S fastest and most effective fighters — against his wily old enemy, Oberstleutnant Joachim Richter, who commands the élite Jagdgeschwader 66.

Squadron leader Tim Phelan and the remarkably brave Simon Wynne-Williams, who has recently been discharged from the Burns Unit at East Grinstead, are part of a fearless operational squadron determined to make the mission a success.

Whether that means that they will return home is another matter… they never lose sight of their target.

But Yeoman knows his luck cannot hold out much longer.

The Battle of the Ardennes stretches out relentlessly and prospects seem bleak.

In cut-and-thrust combat high over the snow-covered land, Yeoman’s Tempests are battling as much against the common enemy of cruel weather and nervous strain as against Richter’s Focke-Wulfs.

And when Yeoman is forced to crash-land in enemy territory, he is certain of only one thing: instant, fiery death.

For even if he survives the landing, the rest of his section must blow up the remains of his aircraft to prevent the new British radar equipment falling into enemy hands…

Praise for Robert Jackson

‘Takes you to the heart of the action.’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Cold Kill

Robert Jackson (b. 1941) is a prolific author of military and aviation history, having become a fulltime writer in 1969. As an active serviceman in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve he flew a wide range of aircraft, ranging from jets to gliders. Tempest Squadron is the seventh book in the Sergeant George Yeoman series. Hurricane Squadron is the first.



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