Ted Online: Ted Stedman Novel 01

Written by D. R. Rosier
Category: · Romance · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Ted Stedman had a pretty good life so far. He’s forty-three years old, and still in good shape when something at work happens to put him in wheelchair. He finds his life is over, or at least the one he’d always known. That is, until a research doctor at his own company walks into his hospital room, and offers him a deal that seems too good to be true.

Join Ted as he enters a fully immersive online world, and finds that everything isn’t quite how he imagined it to be. He’ll have his new virtual life, access to the real world, and a game world to explore as well. As if three worlds to keep straight wasn’t complicated enough, he has even more surprises coming his way.

WARNING: This book is an erotic science fiction novel. If you are offended by explicit sex, do not buy this book. There are MF, FF, and MFF scenes of a sexually explicit nature.
NOTE: This novel is told in the third person from Ted’s point of view



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