Taylor Swift: Teardrops and Guitars

Written by Neil Simpson
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Taylor Swift is the girl from nowhere – and the girl who has gone on to conquer the world.

Today she can sell out a whole stadium in less than sixty seconds.

She has four best-selling albums and six Grammy Awards under her belt.

And from Love Story and You Belong With Me to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and I Knew You Were Trouble, Taylor Swift is writing the soundtrack for the lives of a whole generation.

But just how has Taylor Swift achieved so much, so young? And how high a price has she paid for her incredible success?

This unique biography goes right back to the beaches of New Jersey to find out. It discovers a tiny girl singing to strangers at just three-years-old. It finds an eight-year-old in Pennsylvania who was shunned at school and spent too many long, sad days alone. And it follows an eleven-year-old poet in Nashville – a poet who had the courage to change country music forever.

Along the way ‘Taylor Swift: Teardrops and Guitars’ reveals the real Taylor Swift – the worrier and the writer who has become the hardest-working pop star in the world.

It reveals someone who is fiercely loyal – and is surrounded by the same people today as she was at the start. Far from the tabloid gossip about boyfriends and failed love affairs it also discovers a grown-up soul – and someone who has already given more to charity than most celebrities twice her age.

‘Taylor Swift: Teardrops and Guitars’ is essential reading for Taylor’s millions of fans. And by examining the exact route Taylor took to fame – and the toll it has sometimes taken – it’s a must-read book for anyone who wants to know how to succeed in today’s ever-changing music business.

Neil Simpson is a writer and journalist, and the best-selling author of ‘Adele: To Make You Feel Her Love’.

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