Tally Ho! Yankee in a Spitfire

Written by Arthur Donahue DFC
Category: · History

Arthur “Art” Donahue was an American who volunteered to join the Royal Air Force in the early days of the Second World War. Flying a Spitfire in the Battle of Britain, he became the first American fighter pilot to fly in action in the Second World War, as well as the first American pilot to be shot down in combat during that war.

Tally Ho! Yankee in a Spitfire is Art Donahue’s vivid memoir of his time as a Spitfire pilot during the Battle of Britain and the blitz. It reveals a man who was both brave and reflective. The book is for anybody who wants to understand what it was like to be a Spitfire pilot.

In a letter to his parents, Donahue wrote “My life may not be long, but it will be wide.” In September 1942, at the age of twenty nine, he was killed after flying a patrol off the French coast.



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