T.D. Jakes: Lessons Of Leadership And Success

Written by Jillian Hall

Live A Life Of Leadership And Success With The Talents That God Gave You

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Here’s a great way to achieve the life you deserve with the principles outlined in the Bible and the words of Christ. There’s over 50 great Christian life lessons of leadership and success containing the wisdom of “America’s Best Preacher” (named by Time magazine), T.D. Jakes. It’s all in one amazing book.

Begin applying these words of wisdom immediately and see the glorious life that can unfold by following The Word.

In this book, we explore his quotes, reflections, and ideas from his sermons, films, TV appearances and books to explore the ways they can be applied to improve our very own lives, just as they did for Bishop TD Jakes.

Such life lessons of leadership and success include – how to hold your faith, repentance, courage, strength, forgiveness, prayer, and overcoming obstacles (just as Bishop T.D. Jakes did), to name a few.

Turn your life into the blessing it already is – all it takes is practical application of The Word.



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