Steel Infidels Complete Series Box Set (MC Romance Volumes 1-5)

Written by Dez Burke
Category: · Romance


Strap your helmet on darling, hang on tight and enjoy the ride!
Lose yourself inside the world of the Steel Infidels MC and experience firsthand the fiery passion of Southern men who live life to the fullest with no holds barred. This 5-book collection from New York Times Bestselling Author Dez Burke delivers a wild, hot, explosive ride from the first page of SAFE HOUSE to the last page in TAKE DOWN. There are NO cliffhangers or cheating and HEA’s are guaranteed!

The bestselling Steel Infidels Complete Series includes: Safe House, Liberated, Steel Justice, Thunderclap, and the newest book Take Down.

SAFE HOUSE & LIBERATED (Flint): A smart woman like Kendra could never fall for a man like me. Nothing more than a common outlaw hiding by a designer suit. A seriously bad guy. As a lawyer by day and VP of the Steel Infidels at night, I’m not above doing whatever it takes to protect the motorcycle club and my family.

STEEL JUSTICE (Jesse): Bikers, babes, and booze. Three things I lived for, all in one dirty package when I decided to throw my brother’s bachelor party at the Panama City Bike Rally. Then she came along and screwed up everything. The plan was simple. Familiar. Take her home, wreck her for other men, then kick her to the curb by daylight, spent and breathless. It would’ve been the perfect night making her scream my name if she hadn’t hidden one little fact. She’s Big Roy’s property, and he owns her. The Prez of the Liberators MC is used to getting what he wants, and he won’t let her go without a fight. Neither will I. I’ll see him burn in hell before I let him touch her ever again.

THUNDERCLAP (Sam): I admit it. I’m a player. I adore women and they love me. I’ve never met a woman that I couldn’t wrap around my body with only a smile and a sexy wink. Until Lila blew into town. For the first time in my life, my tricks aren’t working. I want her and she thinks I’m nothing more than a two-bit thug. It’s time for the player to up his game.

TAKE DOWN (Toby): She thinks I’m her Guardian Angel. I know I’m her worst nightmare. I thought I had everything under control until the day I saved Maggie’s life. Most men would melt if a girl like her looked at them the way she looks at me, as if I was her savior, her protector. She sees the muscles, the tats, the hero the media makes me out to be. I’d give anything to be that man, to hear her screaming my name as I showed her exactly what a Marine can do in bed, but I can’t let her in. What I had to do in Afghanistan made me a monster. If I let her in… I might let it out. I belong over there, in hell. I don’t know how to live in the heaven that is Maggie. She doesn’t realize how hard I’m fighting to keep her away. She doesn’t know who I really am. I’m irredeemable. She should run. Before she unleashes a monster that can’t be controlled.



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