Spy Wednesday

Written by William Hood

Sometimes you can’t just walk away…

Alan Trosper has his sights on a new career prospect. One that doesn’t involve secret intelligence.

But the Firm has other ideas for him…

When faced with a blast from the past, Trosper’s innate desire for a challenge picks up a scent.

A scent he finds hard to ignore. Before he knows it, it feels like he never left.

Embarking on this operation, Trosper’s natural instincts come into full force.

He is the man for this job and the Firm know it: they want to marry Trosper’s experience and knowledge of Moscow with covert action.

When Walter Bates took over from Darcy Odlum, the Firm’s founder, and was appointed Controller, Trosper’s resentment for him materialized.

Now, he’s facing Bates again and even worse, spying is not something he’s keen to do any more.

However, when ‘Oma’, a live drop used in previous operations, has a caller, she ensures the Firm is aware of the circumstances.

Herr Kinzl is looking for an American she once worked with and, convinced Kinzl is a Russian spy, the Firm are suspicious.

But can they really trust Kinzl?

It’s up to Trosper to find out.

Spy Wednesday is an espionage thriller that will keep you in suspense until the very last page.

Praise for William Hood

‘A skillful spy novel’ – The Wall Street Journal

‘A gripping espionage thriller’ – Thomas Waugh

William J. Hood (1920-2013), was a retired senior officer in the Central Intelligence Agency and a writer. During World War II, having just transferred from the Army into military intelligence, he volunteered for the Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor to the C.I.A. After the war, he remained in Europe. His hobbies included photography, marksmanship, sailing, jazz, and collecting first editions.



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