Songwriting:: Apply Proven Methods, Ideas and Exercises to Kickstart or Upgrade Your Songwriting

Written by Tommy Swindali
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Are You Ready To Write The Next Big Hit And Become A Legend?

Have you ever listened to a song and thought “wow, if only I could write a song like that”?.
Well, you can now learn all the secrets on how to write beautiful music with this carefully designed guide to songwriting!

The book is packed with methods, ideas, and advice on how to improve your skills and unleash your talent for unique results!Learn everything from chords, notes and keys, to lyrics and rhythm, adopt the habits and mentality of successful songwriters, and become the best!

With this guide you will also learn all the practical details you need to know about copyrights, piracy, and royalties so you can finally become a true professional!So stop making up excuses aabout how you’re not talented enough because now you have what it takes to become a star!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding the Basics
  • Inspiration
  • Working with Collaborators
  • Chords, Keys, and Progressions
  • Publishing
  • Creativity
  • Rights, Royalties, And Piracy
  • Professional Songwriter Habits
  • And, Much, much

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