Slow Cooker & Crock Pot Cookbook: Recipes for Healthy Living, Weight Loss, Tasty Eating

Written by Eric Kellog

#weightloss #healthyliving #tastyeating

One of my main goals is to eat good and tasty food which is also healthy and doesn’t get me obese. A few years ago I started testing all sorts of recipes and I came to the conclusion that only slow cooked meals are meeting all my requirements.

Therefore, I gathered in this book all the essential Slow Cooker/ Crock-Pot recipes. Furthermore, these recipes contain also the number of calories per serving. This way you will be able to easily monitor your calorie intake.

Please note that one fast food meal comes with more than 1000 calories. As you will see, the recipes presented in this book rarely go beyond 500 calories.

So, what you will get here is the kind of meal that people dream about but they are afraid of eating this kind food because of the high number of calories intake that it normally brings. However, if you follow closely these recipes, you will notice that the number of calories in each recipe is pretty low, but the food tastes great.

Forget about eating all sort of disgusting meals just because you need to stay in shape. Eat normal, healthy, good looking, tasty food, which you will cook easily and which will NOT ADD ANY extra pound.



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