Silent Running (The Hope Island Chronicles Book 3)

Written by PJ Strebor
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

On a covert mission north of the frontier. Lieutenant Commander Nathan Telford finds every escape route to freedom blocked by a massive Pruessen armada. With a seemingly endless number of enemy resources marshaled against him, he must employ all of his skills if he is ever to see his home again.

A vengeful Pruessen security officer dogs his every move, making his chances of escape bleak.

Things go from bad to worse when an enemy from his past is assigned to track him down. Orson is as obsessed as any individual can be with Nathan’s capture. He has developed skills since their last encounter that Nathan is powerless to counteract.

Nathan’s cold-blooded pragmatism has gotten him out of bad fixes in the past. Above all, he is an accomplished survivor, but this time does he have the skills to overcome such insurmountable odds?



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