Sherlock Holmes and the Shadow of the Rat

Written by David Stuart Davies
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

London 1895.

Detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr Watson are facing one of their most challenging cases to date: Stopping the Great Rat of Sumatra from spreading plague throughout Britain.

The investigation starts with a body found floating in the Thames, infected with the bubonic plague.

A disease thought to have been eradicated in 1666.

How has the disease returned? Who is responsible?

The investigation leads them to a very unusual suspect…Baroness Emmuska Dubeyk, who has an extraordinary talent for hypnotism.

Can she really be behind the creation of a plague infected giant rats?

While the government transcends into chaos Holmes must stop the culprit before the disease wipes out the country.

But can he resist the mind games in which the Baroness is so skilled?

Written primarily through the view of Dr Watson, follow the duo through the streets of London in an exceptional story of mystery, danger and the fight for survival.

Sherlock Holmes and the Shadow of the Rat is a gripping detective novel, full of twists that lead you to the most remarkable and ingenious conclusions.

David Stuart Davies is one of Britain’s leading Sherlockian writers. He was the editor of Sherlock Holmes the Detective Magazine, and is the author of several Holmes novels, the hit play Sherlock Holmes: The Last Act, and an acclaimed biography of Jeremy Brett. He is also an advisor to Granada Studios’ Sherlock Holmes museum, and he contributed commentaries to the DVD releases of the Basil Rathbone Holmes films.



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