Shattered Heir: A Reverse Harem Novel (Broken Gods)

Written by N.M. Howell

I’m nobody. A street rat. Human. At least, that’s what I tell myself at night.
Truth is, I’m the daughter of a God King. Ruler of the dark and twisted Otherworld where the gods are so powerful they share their souls with Guardians—demigods born to protect their God at all cost. My mother was one of those Guardians.

Being the only heir to the Otherworld throne, I saw first-hand the entitled and immoral lives the gods lived at the expense of the mortals. When my mother died, I escaped the Otherworld to live among humans. A silent nobody disguised as a street kid who roamed the city, far away from the cursed life of the gods.

A plan that worked perfectly. Or so I thought.

When five breathtakingly gorgeous demigods claiming to be my Guardians showed up on my eighteenth birthday telling me my father had been killed and I was to be Queen, I had a feeling my time of freedom had run out.

This is book 1 of the Broken Gods series.

This is a reverse harem novel.

Expected release date: August 2017


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