Sewing: Advanced Sewing. Everyday Sewing for more Advanced Repairs and Fixes (How to Sew, Sewing Guide. Stitching, Fix Rip, Fix Tears)

Written by Kathy Wilston
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Save Money by even doing complex Repairs yourself

In the first book we learned simple hand sewing and machine sewing repair and alteration techniques. In this book we will learn professional tips and tricks to take your mending and alteration skills to the next level. This book is aimed at the intermediate to advanced beginner. You should be familiar with basic hand sewing techniques and operating a basic sewing machine.

We’ll learn how to make more advanced repairs, learn about garment construction and sizing, and how to alter patterns and clothing to get the perfect fit. So let’s get started!

This book is here to opens up a new world of home sewing repair and sparks your creativity. So many times we can repair, fix, or repurpose clothing to save money, and express our creativity. My advice to you at the end of this book is to keep learning and don’t be afraid to experiment. There are many sewing blogs, resources, and groups on the internet you can explore to get ideas, learn new skills, and connect with others that love the craft.

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