See & Understand the Guitar Fretboard as Never Before: Guitar Fretboard Mastery – The Visual Way

Written by Csaba Fazekas
Category: · Arts & Photography

Have you ever wondered how seasoned guitar players always know where to play on the guitar fretboard? How do they decide where to express that melody that comes out of their soul? It’s like your house. During nights it’s not a problem to go from one room to the other even with closed eyes. You know your property so well that you could do it anytime. This book teaches you exactly the same.

The guitar fretboard is a very visual, pattern-based place and it’s easy to master it if you know the right concept. You will find lots of graphical elements and videos here which will help you to get it a second nature. You will learn how the diagonal scale and the pentatonic scale lies on the fretboard, how you can combine them to play long lines, and what possibilities you have to play the same thing at different places.

This is the very first and most important building block you need to master in order to be an incredible player. Maybe you have good ideas in your head but you can’t interpret them on the guitar. Maybe you’re a beginner who wants to learn the fretboard with the right method and not lose time. Maybe you know a few things and scales but you don’t see and understand the whole concept.
Whatever the case might be, this book ensures you will see and understand your instrument.

Join me on this journey and, buy the book and let’s get started!



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