Scramble: A Narrative History of the Battle of Britain

Written by Norman Gelb
Category: · History

1940. Britain stands alone against Nazi Germany.

Only the RAF can protect Britain from falling to the Germans.

Scramble is the thrilling story of the epic battle that turned the tide of Nazi invasion in the summer of 1940.

In more than 450 first-hand accounts, combatants, civilians, politicians, journalists and others who were part of the day-to-day heroism that was England’s finest hour tell a tale of war from an individual perspective.

And what a revealing tale it is — of the shortages of every kind, with groundcrew racing against time to get the battered planes operational, to the tactical battles and controversies revealed by Air Ministry papers.

Above all, it evokes the terror, rage and frustration of Britain besieged, and the spirit which held it all together: the courage to live to fight another day.

Praise for Scramble

‘We now have an accurate account It is the first one to get it right’. — Group Captain Dennis David

‘Deftly combining interviews, speeches, news reports, military communications and occasional unobtrusive narrative, Gelb presents a many-sided picture of war that reflects the feeling of the battle’ — New York Times

Praise for Dunkirk

“Norman Gelb demonstrates in Dunkirk how productive it is to focus on an individual operation or battle … Dunkirk is both a good adventure read and an instructive case study yielding modern lessons.” — John Lehman, Former Secretary of the Navy, ,em>The Wall Street Journal

“Norman Gelb finds fresh angles … Dunkirk stands as an exemplar of the perils of vacillation and the possibilities of action.” — The New York Times Book Review

“Mr. Gelb has excavated beneath surface events, delved into political and psychological factors, and produced an intelligent, fast-moving narrative.” — Professor Arnold Ages, Baltimore Sun

“Vivid and comprehensive … Absorbing … Sets a high standard for other reconstructions” — Kirkus Reviews

Norman Gelb (b.1929) was born in New York and is the author of seven highly acclaimed books, including The Berlin Wall, Dunkirk, and Less Than Glory. He was, for many years, correspondent for the Mutual Broadcasting System, first in Berlin and then in London. He is currently the London correspondent for New Leader magazine.



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