Saving Mars (Saving Mars Series Book 1)

Written by Cidney Swanson

From Kirkus Award Winner Cidney Swanson

Less than 24 hours ago, the Mars Colony’s food supply was decimated. Now a young Mars pilot signs on to fly a desperate raid to ex-ally Earth where she joins the nephew of Earth’s vicious chancellor in an attempt to save her world or die trying.  
Saving Mars is a science fiction adventure series set in a dystopian future where a small colony on Mars has survived for centuries without any contact with Earth, until now. When disaster threatens the colony’s survival, Jessamyn and her brother undertake a desperate raid on ex-ally Earth, landing her brother with treason charges under Earth’s powerful Chancellor. Things get worse as Jess starts falling for the Chancellor’s rebellious nephew, and she’s forced to choose between saving her planet or rescuing her brother.



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