Written by Katherine Greyson

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I sped along the breakdown lane covered in sand and trash. My tears streamed down so fast, I couldn’t see. A speeding truck blasted its horn. Fear of death under a cold, metal fender caused me to overcorrect. Realizing how dangerous this was, I headed toward the access road that led out to the town reservoir. That’s when I heard that same distinct motorcycle muffler roar behind me. I glanced over my shoulder to see a black-helmeted rider coming up, fast. As the mug shots of those drug dealers flashed into my mind, I pedaled faster, but the motorcycle’s engine revved even higher as it sped up to catch me…

Romantic, thrilling, yet filled with drama and wit, Everyone Keeps Secrets is a character-driven serial that captivates and hypnotizes. Told across multiple generations, this contemporary saga, with an intricately woven plot and equally enticing characters, draws you into another world and never lets you go. The serial delivers equal parts mystery and romance, action and adventure that climaxes in an unexpected twist of an ending. It’s a highly addictive rollercoaster of a story.

Description of Part Two, Facades Crumble:
When tragedy strikes a family, the fall out can be devastating. For Police Chief Robert Kendall, life and death is part of the job, but what if tragedy hits home? While Robert is hot on the trail of a group of cunning drug dealers, he thinks about mistakes from his past—and the secrets that lay hidden there.
Then in the second half of Facades Crumble, we return to present day Stony Creek as Simplicity continues to hunt down more answers to the handsome riddle known as Jake Hanson, but will her digging put her in grave danger? Masks peel away and buried pasts are exposed as Facades Crumble.

Volume One: Keeping Secrets, Part one of the serial is FREE for a limited time. Novella-length.
Volume Two: Facades Crumble, Where our heroine’s backstory emerges is novella-length and is available on sale for $.99. It ends in a cliffhanger. (P.S. I’d make this book free too if I could, but Amazon won’t let me.)
Volume Three: Hidden Pasts, Our hero’s tragic family past unfolds. (Not yet released) Please note: To make up for my painfully-slow editing speed, I am giving away the third book in the serial free to anyone who signs up for my newsletter. Go to, and when you sign up you’ll also be eligible to win a brand new Kindle Fire Tablet. I just love giving stuff away for free.
Volume Four: The Return, All the threads in the large tapestry began to weave together.
Volume Five: Resolution, The final climactic conclusion to the saga.

The contemporary romance, Facades Crumble, is a filled with drama, action, and tragedy, as it leads us one-step closer to unraveling the web of lies that surround a ghastly crime.

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