Rock Lists For Obsessive Music Connoisseurs, Zealots, and Junkies

Written by Brian Boone
Category: · Arts & Photography

The most popular, and therefore best, part of Brian Boone’s last book, the bestselling music trivia collection “I Love Rock N’ Roll (Except When I Hate It): Extremely Important Stuff About the Songs and Bands You Love, Hate, Love to Hate, and Hate to Love” was the lists—amusing but factual info bites covering the silly moments, amazing connections, and untold achievements in music history.

Here then is “Rock Lists For Obsessive Music Connoisseurs, Zealots, and Junkies, consisting entirely of quick hits of interesting stuff, with lots of humor thrown in for good measure. Inside are more than 100 brand new fascinating, entertaining, and often absurd lists, articles, and listicles covering the last 50 years of rock and pop. Read about:

• The rock stars who probably murdered someone, and the ones who married their cousins
• The hit songs that never existed
• Great bands named after bad movies, and bad bands named after great movies
• Fans who joined their favorite band
• The pop divas who sang the word “baby” the most times, and the boy bands that sang “girl” the most times
• The guy that was a one-hit-wonder five separate times

And lots more! “Rock Lists” is packed with every obscure item you’ve never wanted to know about popular music, grouped together, presented succinctly, and arranged in column form. You know, lists.



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