Rise of Order: An Age of Order Novelette

Written by Julian North
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Five students. One secret. The birth of a dark revolution.

On a private aircraft carrying Jenn Ansel and four of her high-school classmates, something goes terribly wrong. Instead of returning to their privileged lives in the elite enclave of Buckhead, the plane lands in the heart of divided, violent, Atlanta. And that is exactly what one of them wants. The debts of the past are coming due, but one person’s revenge is another’s opportunity… Come bear witness to the RISE OF ORDER.

Rise of Order is a standalone novelette that takes place in same universe as the award-winning Age of Order Saga. It’s a fantastic way to be introduced to this dark-tinged future, or just a thrilling and thought-provoking way to spend an hour or two without committing to an entire novel. FREE!



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