Rise of a Guardian (The Lost Relics Book 1)

Written by LJ Andrews
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

The truth of his family has always been a mystery, but finally Killian Thomas is given one chance to find answers to his past in a strange realm.
A mysterious community, bound to protect the realms, promises to help him on his quest if he helps in a desperate search for powerful lost relics. Each relic possesses magic of all four realms, giving their owner unimaginable power.
Strange abilities soon manifest within Killian, catching the deadly attention of a dangerous secret-society intent on destroying his home realm.
Killian must find the relics before the society or countless innocent lives will be lost, but sometimes the closest allies are the most devious enemies.

Rise of a Guardian is the first in a three book series that will take fantasy lovers on a clean, epic adventure full of myths, legends, battles and triumphs they will read again and again.



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